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"Roundtrip" is the heart and soul of my musical journey. It is a reflection of my International Pop, Folk, Jazz and Cabaret repertoire; and my "on the road" experiences with an eclectic list of songs. As a native San Franciscan I started singing and acting when I was six years old. Always following my passion for performing, I studied voice and drama. I've acted in plays and Musical Theatre Productions. I have had gigs as a solo singer-guitarist; a Cabaret singer on Cruise Ships, in Clubs and Venues across the USA. I've sung from Durango, Colorado to Vegas and Upstate New York,  China, the Philippines, Korea, Thailand and Europe.  In between traveling I always returned home to San Francisco, the "Paris of the West" as my grandfather named it, where I continue to wear all the "hats" as a vocalist, musician, bandleader, producer, voice-over artist and actress. Along the way, I have developed friendships with great musicians, performing artists and audiences around the world. I look forward to continue to promote International  friendship through my songs and performances.

A big thank you to Dave Austin of Diamond Audio Productions and to Shota Osabe for their musical arrangements.  A very special thank you to David Julienne.  Thank you and love to my daughter, Kelly, and her great ear for music.

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